life update...

hi guys !
GUESS WHO'S IN A QPR NOW!!! i care abt my qpp so so much hehe... they taught me all i know about website making actually :] u can check out their page on the left side! it's so so cool! (and if ur reading this hi hank :] ) im so happy and cheerful and silly and whimsical right now!!! yippee!!!

also might be getting a job soon finally which would be really cool. ive been doing a lot better mental health wise lately which is really great! proud of myself :]

would like to work on the site some more

hello again !
i need to make an actual like patch updates section on my website so u dont have to just read these blog entries to see what ive been changing lol... but anyways i changed the music on dj sonic to be escape from the city instead of live and learn, idk which one i like better but its pretty cool

anyways ! i would like to work on a lot of stuff on this website i just kinda keep forgetting about it. there's a ton more stuff that i would like to add, maybe i should make some kind of list of what i wanna do so that when i sit down to work on the site i actually know what im doing. if anything i wanna update the collections tab to have different smaller sections in it with fun stuff to show you. i have a ton of stamps and buttons. i also need more room for buttons to other sites because i keep getting more mutuals on here and im running out of room in the window on the left (love u guys btw thank u)

thats kinda all for now though, hopefully i can get more of the work on stuff on here underway soon enough :]

sorry for the radio silence

hi guys :]
i haven't touched my website in over a week and that's because i couldn't access it very well. it's a bit of a headache to code from my phone and i haven't had wifi until now because i've been at my grandparents for a week and will be for a few weeks more. we actually got wifi finally set up today, so yippee, i can use my laptop again which is cool.

as you all probably noticed, things have been coming along on my little webbed site and i've added the very limited collections area (i swear i'll add an actual collection to it soon) and my groups section. because yes! this site has been accepted into like two webrings that now warrants a group zone :]

i enjoy reading every comment i get in my chatbox and my guestbook so thank u all for the compliments on my website and im sorry i didn't get a chance to see them sooner! looking forward to all the fun stuff i have planned to add still!!

first entry...

hi there!!! this is my first blog entry :]
i'd like to post on here from time to time, stuff like how i'm feeling and what i've been up to. hope you stay along for the ride! i'll probably also talk about things i've added to the blog here.

today so far i've added well- this blog page! there's also a button up top for a collection page but as you can see it's not quite ready yet. the button will be available once it's ready i promise!! it's gonna be my full collection of blinkies, buttons, stamps, and etc. very exciting stuff to come!

i love all the work i put into this website and love making it my own. i've applied to a few webrings so i'll also be adding a webring tab soon once i get into one where i can list the webrings im in. and if you run a webring and wanna see me in it, please let me know about it in my chatbox or my guestbook! i'm currently looking to join a bunch so i'll take whoever would like my website :]

thanks for checking out my blog page!